Abstract: Dr Anne Alvarez

Future Perfect: Some reflections on the sense of anticipation in ordinary infants and in psychoanalytic work”

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Anne shall try to extend some of her previous ideas on the importance of other people being able to dream of a child’s future, by examining additional features in the role of internal figures in the growing child’s or developing adult’s sense of the future. How does the future seem to beckon for some people and not for others? Clinical material from despairing and apathetic patients, together with observations of babies’ crawling and walking will be used to relate Bion’s theory of knowledge to Panksepp’s neuroscientific work on the Seeking System.

Anne Alvarez PhD, M.A.C.P. is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and retired Co-Convener of the Autism Service, Child and Family Department, Tavistock Clinic, London, where she still teaches. She is author of Live Company: Psychotherapy with Autistic, Borderline, Deprived and Abused Children. and has edited, with Susan Reid, Autism and Personality: Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop. A book in her honour, edited by Judith Edwards, entitled Being Alive: Building on the Work of Anne Alvarez was published in 2002. She was Visiting Professor at the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Society in November 2005 and is an Honorary Member of the Psychoanalytic Centre of California. Her latest book, The Thinking Heart: Three Levels of Psychoanalytic Therapy with Disturbed Children, was published in April 2012 by Routledge.