Admission Assessment Policy and Procedures

The policy and procedures associated with admission to membership of NZAP have been drawn together in one document for the convenience of the membership. This document was known as the Orange Book, but from 2015 is called the ACP Handbook. The Committee has undertaken to review and revise aspects of the admission process to ensure greater clarity and consistency of process and standards during the evaluative procedures for membership. All Provisional Members have been subject to the procedures outlined in this booklet since May 2001.

ACP Handbook November 2017 Please download and print this edition and refer to it rather than any older versions.

Schedule of Fees

Work Practice Description and Therapeutic Study

  • Marking fee: $200 A non refundable administration fee of $100 (half the marking fee) to be sent to the Executive Officer at the time notice is given of intention to present work, with the balance of the fee paid at the time of submission.
  • Resubmission (within one month): No fee
  • Subsequent resubmission (per piece of work): $100
  • Review: $200

Assessment Interviews

  • Fee: $300
  • Appeal: $300