Aotearoa New Zealand Large Group Workshop Auckland, October 29-31, 2010

Teresa von Sommaruga Howard will conduct this large group workshop for psychotherapists and other health professionals.

Teresa lives and works in Europe and New Zealand. She is trained as an architect, systemic family therapist and group-analytic psychotherapist. Her special interest is in working with median and large groups and also in organisational and cultural dynamics. Teresa has now been working in New Zealand for a decade.

Although large groups inevitably take their own form, the nature of mental health work easily creates feelings of isolation and loneliness. The general feeling is that although there are small groups of psychotherapists and other mental health professionals in New Zealand, a wider, appropriate forum for safe processing is missing. This is a forum where there is a possibility to connect with colleagues, to explore and make sense of the unspoken and unconscious undercurrents that are flowing through and affecting our community, not only from within our community but from the wider world as well.

This non-residential workshop begins on Friday evening at 6pm and will continue until 2pm on Sunday (sessions on Friday finish at 9.30pm and on Saturday at 5.30pm). The venue will be the Neptune Lounge at the Royal Akarana Yacht Club, Okahu Bay, 8-10 Tamaki Dv, (3.5km from central city).

There are around 50 places available and the cost is $300.00 per participant before September 24th and $350.00 after that. Morning and afternoon teas, supper on Friday evening and lunch on both days will be provided. We would like all those interested to be able to participate, so if you find the fee prohibitive please contact Catherine.

Registrations: Charlotte Daellenbach
Other Inquiries: Catherine Healy

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AotearoaNew Zealand Large Group

Auckland, October 29-31, 2010

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Payment options:The fee for the workshop will be $300(not GST registered) if paid before September 24th and $350after September 24th.

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Personal and professional reflections

In November last year, I participated once again in a large group with Teresa von Sommaruga Howard. As on previous such workshops, it was an experience of great value to me, both personally and professionally.

For me, participation in a large group continues to be challenging and potentially richly rewarding. It takes courage to find our voice in a large circle, but when we do, we discover how powerful the experience is, whether our voice is responded to or not. To sit in a large group, sharing, connecting, agreeing, disagreeing, being visible, hiding, processing or not processing, creates the possibility of forming community.

I see another invaluable learning to be gained from such an experience. Our growing-up equips us with skills that help us to be in small groups. In some sense, they are often in one way or another a replication of early family constellations. Participation in a large group calls on quite different skills. The process engaged in, results in the differentiation of systems and sub-groups, rather than of individuals. This creates a focus on “us”and “them”, inside or outside the group, and evokes issues of belonging or of not belonging, a need to discover one’s buddies as a step in the direction of becoming part of the whole large group. For me, paying attention to how we each navigate this challenging process leads to profound self-knowledge, on a level not available through participation in small groups or in dyads.

I feel indeed very fortunate to have Teresa hold us through these processes. She is both one-of-us and an outsider and uses both of these perspectives in the way she conducts the group. She brings her wealth of experience and wisdom, in her special quiet way, creating an atmosphere of safety. And her commitment to us, as a group of health practitioners, is a great gift.

Charlotte DaellenbachJanuary 2010