Becoming A Full Or Provisional Member of the NZAP

The New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists, Te Ropu Whakaora Hinengaro, recognises the bicultural basis of Aotearoa New Zealand and is committed to fostering the spirit and upholding the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa New Zealand. We recognise the status of Maori as tangata whenua.


Pathway 1: For applicants who are not already registered with the Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand. These applicants apply to become Provisional Members of NZAP. It is expected that people on this pathway will progress to Full Membership of NZAP by passing the NZAP Assessment for Advanced Clinical Practice within 5 years of becoming a Provisional Member. A Provisional Member who becomes fully registered with PBANZ before completing the ACP may move to Pathway 2 at step 2g.

Pathway 2: For applicants who have either Interim Registration or Full Registration with PBANZ.

Initial steps for both Pathways

The enquirer makes enquiries of NZAP, usually to the Executive Officer. When the person enquires, the Executive Officer determines which pathway is appropriate for the enquirer. The enquirer advises NZAP that they would like an application form to be sent to them for the relevant pathway.

1) Pathway 1: For applicants who are not registered with PBANZ

a) Application for Provisional Membership on the Advanced Clinical Practice pathway

i) Application papers and a copy of the Association’s Code of Ethics are sent out.

ii) The enquirer sends back three copies of the application form, a current curriculum vitae and a referee’s report, accompanied by the application fee.

b) Regional Interviewing Panel assessment for Provisional Membership

i) If the responses on the application form meet NZAP requirements the enquirer becomes a candidate for Provisional Membership.

ii) The candidate will meet with the Interviewing Panel on an agreed date.  The names of the panel members will be given to the candidate and if there are any difficulties, the candidate should advise the Chair of the Interviewing Panel. The Panel must include a recognised NZAP training supervisor and a member of the ACP Committee.

iii) The candidate meets with the Interviewing Panel.

iv) If the Panel agrees that the candidate meets the requirements the Chair of the Panel makes a recommendation to the NZAP Council that the candidate be accepted as a Provisional Member. The Council meets three times a year and ratifies all recommendations for membership.

v) And/or: The Panel may make recommendations concerning the candidates supervision and training pathway. These recommendations are to be forwarded to the candidate’s supervisor and the Training Supervisors’ Group.

c) Contact with local members

i) In keeping with the decision to recommend the candidate to be accepted as a Provisional Member and/or any other recommendations made by the Panel, the candidate is encouraged to make connection with local or regional NZAP members.

ii) Once the candidate is recommended to the NZAP Council for acceptance as a Provisional Member the candidate establishes a supervision contract with an NZAP approved training supervisor. (Note: Provisional Members may have additional supervisors.) A copy of the first supervision contract is sent to a representative of the ACP Committee, who informs the Executive Officer that this has occurred.

iii) Membership fees are paid.

iv) When all requirements are met (ratification by Council, having an approved supervision contract and payment of the subscription) the candidate becomes a Provisional Member and their name is entered in the online NZAP Register of Members.

v) The Provisional Member is now eligible for Interim Registration as a Psychotherapist with PBANZ.

d) The progression to Full Membership for Provisional Members (ACP)

i) The local Training Supervisors’ Group monitors and supports the Provisional Member as they prepare for the Advanced Clinical Practice assessment. Details of the requirements are available in the NZAP Assessment Policy and Procedures, which is available on the website to members. A copy of each annual supervision contract is sent to the Chair of the ACP Committee.

ii) The therapeutic study and work practice description are prepared and submitted for marking.

iii) When the therapeutic study and work practice description are accepted the Provisional Member proceeds toward the final stage which consists of a meeting with a national assessment panel. Details of the final accreditation process are in the NZAP Assessment Policy and Procedures.

iv) When the ACP assessment has been passed the Provisional Member’s name goes to the NZAP Council and Full Membership of NZAP is ratified. Their Branch Convenor then presents the Provisional Member with a Membership Certificate and the ACP Certificate is presented at the next NZAP Conference.

v) The process for becoming a member through He Ara Maori ACP is currently being written and formalised.

2) Pathway 2: for applicants who have Registration or Interim Registration with PBANZ

a) On application to the Executive Officer, the applicant will be sent the appropriate application form and a copy of the Association’s Code of Ethics.

b) The applicant will complete the application form, which requires the signature of two senior nominating Full Members. The appropriate contract for supervision also needs to be completed.

c) Applicants with Full Registration present themselves to the branch in a collegial manner, saying something about themselves, their workplace/practice and their clinical work. The Branch Convenor will sign their application form to confirm that this has happened.

d) The applicant returns the completed application form together with the subscription payment to the Executive Officer.

e) The Executive Officer will present their application to Council for ratification. Applicants with Registration under the Psychotherapist scope of practice will be ratified as Full Members of NZAP; applicants with Interim Registration will be ratified as Provisional Members of NZAP (Reg).

f) Applicants with Interim Registration are required to have a supervision contract with an NZAP approved supervisor. Copies of their first supervision contract and subsequent annual contracts are to be held on file by the Training Supervisors’ Group.

g) Any Provisional Member of NZAP who has gained Full Registration with PBANZ may apply for NZAP Full Membership by filling in the appropriate application form, which can be obtained from the Executive Officer.

i) On receipt of the application form, the Executive Officer will inform the Council and Full Membership will be ratified at the next Council meeting.

ii) The applicant will be invited to a Branch Meeting and presented with a Membership Certificate by their Branch Convenor, and in addition all new members will be welcomed at the next NZAP Conference.

Updated April 2018.