Nelson Conference 2017 “Research in the Maori World” Keynote address by John and Hilary Mitchell

“Research in the Maori World” Keynote address by John and Hilary Mitchell John and Hilary Mitchell have operated as Mitchell Research for nearly thirty years.  They have completed hundreds of reports on social investigations and Maori issues, including evidence for the Waitangi Tribunal.  They have published a number of books, including the four-volume series “Te […]

Member forms for the AGM 2016

Dear members Attached are documents relating to the next NZAP AGM.  Click on each one below to download: AGM minutes 2015 DRAFT AGM Agenda 2016 Call for Nominations for Council Nomination Form Proxy Form Remit on Retired Membership Feb 11 revised

Membership Reapplication Flowchart

If you are a full member who needs to reapply for membership, this chart outlines the steps to follow Here is a pdf of the flowchart: Reapplication Flowchart

Making Gambling Normal

This critique of gambling appeared in the Otago Daily Times on June 26. It is an attack on the normalization of gambling that has spread through Lotto and the supermarkets and, most recently, online games and technology. John Farnsworth emphasises these are important issues of public concern and action, particularly in election year.

Mental Illness Reduces Life Expectancy More Than Heavy Smoking

This striking finding comes from a study by an Oxford research team. It reveals that major mental illness reduces life expectancy by 7-24 years. Compare this to the reduction from heavy smoking of 8-10 years. The impact mental illness has may not surprise psychotherapists. Yet, it is rare to have such figures quantified. Doing so […]