Distinguished Service Awards Terms of Referrence

Distinguished Service Awards will be made to those who have provided distinguished service to the Association and/or psychotherapy.

  1. Nominations will be called for by Council annually from the membership at large. These will be submitted through the Regional Branch companied by a letter outlining the services the nominee has provided to the Association and/or psychotherapy.
  2. On occasion, persons who are not members of the Association may be nominated.
  3. Nominations will be received by the Honorary Secretary.
  4. Council will select those nominees it considers most meritorious to a maximum of four (4) per annum.
  5. Distinguished Service Awards will be presented where possible and appropriate at a celebration at the next NZAP Conference.
  6. There is no obligation upon Council to make any award in a particular year if it does not consider there is a nominee deserving of an award.
  7. There is no ceiling upon the number of persons who can hold Distinguished Service Awards.
  8. The Distinguished Service Award shall comprise a framed certificate and a book token for an amount to be determined from time to time by Council.

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