Introduction And Overview

The New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists is a professional organisation which sets, examines and maintains standards for the safe and ethical practice of psychotherapy in Aotearoa New Zealand .
As a professional body, the Association aims to protect the interests of its members by:

  1. The provision of help and support to provide and maintain a high level of expertise in order to practise safely and effectively. This is achieved by regular supervision, personal psychotherapy, and the opportunity for contact with, and support from, other practitioners at local branch level, at the annual national conference and through the circulation of regular publications;
  2. The Constitution and Rules, which defines the aims, structures and organisation of the Association;
  3. The Code of Ethics, which offers firm guidelines for the influential and sometimes delicate relationship between psychotherapists and clients;
  4. The Complaints Procedure, which allows complaints to be considered carefully and which facilitates the resolution of difficulties arising in psychotherapeutic practice. This ensures that clients and colleagues have an ordered and official means of expressing concerns, and it is designed with regard for all parties. As an adjunct to this, the Association provides access to a professional indemnity insurance scheme for members and provisional members.

A notable development in recent years has been a commitment to explore ways in which psychotherapy may be guided by the articles and spirit of the Treaty of Waitangi.