How do psychotherapists grow?

Sunday 19 March 10.10-11.10

How do psychotherapists grow?

by Dr Kerry Thomas-Antilla


It is a familiar experience for psychotherapists to feel somewhat out of step with contemporary thinking about professional learning and development. Psychotherapy has a knowledge base that is founded on clinical work and psychotherapists have a tacit understanding that much of their ongoing learning goes hand in hand with the practising of psychotherapy, reading and discussing case-based literature, and developing as a person. In this presentation Kerry will speak about research she carried out as part of her PhD, in which she spoke with psychotherapists in Aotearoa New Zealand about their actual lived experiences of learning. She will tell some of the therapists’ stories and will speak about the key findings of this research, referencing selected psychoanalytic and hermeneutic phenomenological writings.


Dr Kerry Thomas-Anttila is a lecturer and programme leader in the Discipline of Psychotherapy, Auckland University of Technology. She also works as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice. Kerry is married to Dr Olli Antilla and between them they have four adult children, one grandchild and another on the way.