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NZAP Conf 2014

Conference 2014, The Essence: Life and Death of the Psychotherapist

We are now fully booked with over 140 people attending.

Attending The Conference
We think this Conference 2014 is about connection – how to be connected and revitalised.
(Copy and paste the web address below – a stunning video of a full moon rising over Wellington, to get a sense of how we hope the Conference might leave us feeling. –

NZAP Conf 2014

NZAP Conf 2014

The Conference Structure

The structure of the conference is very simple. Thursday afternoon includes the welcoming and a large group meeting. On Friday and Saturday there are four identical half day long structures. The idea is to have your own small group (10 -15) members meeting for one hour and then going to individual presentations for another hour breaking the group process and then coming together to a large group session with Farhad and Angelika as facilitators. Our idea is to create a flow from small home groups to large groups and vice versa by repeating the same process four times during the conference.

NZAP Conf 2014

NZAP Conf 2014

On the Website

Over the next few weeks we will be updating the Conference Web pages with an Ideas and Images page to stimulate your thinking and imagination about the conference (for example see the image below, of the Waitukei sculptures from Rotorua artist Lyonel Grant inspired by the mixing of Māori and European cultures in Rotorua.)

NZAP Conf 2014

We will also add an Updates and News page, including these updates, ‘Conference news’ and possible Oral Presentations from members.


The presentations have created some questions. What are we to talk about? The idea is to talk about something that you feel passionate about and that relates to your daily clinical work. The total time including the discussion is one hour. We strongly encourage you to give a talk and some people may find it easier and more fun to pair up with a friend to do an Oral Presentation together or even present as a small group. There will be a number of parallel presentations at the same time and we are envisioning that there will be 5 – 30 participants at each presentation.

We continue to feel excited about what our fellow NZAP members could produce in this conference about our work as psychotherapists, and possibilities for interacting in small and large groups on the essence of our vocation.

Warm wishes

Conference 2014 Organising Group

Conference Group Contacts

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