Otago and Southland

The Otago and Southland Branch of NZAP meets every second Wednesday of the month. The venue for our meetings is The Barclay Room in Marinoto House and a beautiful place it is! The one-and-a-half hours are usually lively and interesting and there is a good group of colleagues to connect with.

There are about 60 members on the mailing list. Since Registration with PBANZ the Otago Branch has grown. Psychotherapists can apply for full membership of NZAP and as part of the process, present themselves to our Branch. We have enjoyed many presentations with professional and personal content and are hopeful more will follow this year.

Our meetings have a diverse content: presentations by members and non-members, discussions and debriefing, and education. 2017 saw an interesting mix of evenings committed to discussions with topics like bicultural connecting, debrief of Conference, and the future of NZAP. Sheila and Gerald visited the Branch in May. A new item on our evenings is book reviews: volunteers from the Branch stepped forward and shared short summaries and opinions of professional literature.

Twice a year we organise evenings with a more social character and they serve to get to know each other better and to help the networking. Occasionally we organise professional presentations outside the monthly meeting times. This only happens when the presentation or workshop needs more time or when the presenter is not available on the Branch night.

We have two supervisor groups. One is the ACP group consisting of supervisors of those who are preparing to submit case studies etc. The other is the Regional Supervision Group, which meets monthly before the Branch meeting.

Convenor: Stella McDonald stella.mac@actrix.co.nz