Hawkes Bay

We have 25 people on our emailing list for the Hawke’s Bay branch of NZAP. Our region covers Napier, Hastings, Wairoa and Gisborne. In late 2016 we decided to change the format and frequency of the meetings. We now meet quarterly i.e. four times per year, on a Tuesday evening from 7pm-9pm. The first hour is for a check in, NZAP business and any other matters arising; the second hour is a presentation of some kind e.g. guest speaker or Ted talk etc. with general discussion afterwards.

We introduced this format at the beginning of 2017 and had our first meeting in February. Our guest speaker was Marie Young, a clinical psychologist who gave a talk on Structural Dissociation. Including Marie, we had ten people attend the presentation. The general feedback from the evening was positive and encouraging. The second meeting was attended by approximately 25; the last meeting was attended by only 4 people. To be fair the second meeting had a lot of outside support from the Maori community because of the presenter – this definitely boosted numbers!

In February 2018 the NZAP President Elect (Gerald Maclaurin) came to visit and there were 4 people in attendance, including Gerald. This gave rise to discussion around the struggles to keep the Branch going. In the end we determined the subgroups that were established when the change of format occurred e.g. the personal process (experiential) group and the supervisors group (already established but accounts for some of the NZAP membership) were clearly fulfilling the needs of the membership. Therefore, while the official Branch meetings are poorly supported, the two groups (13 people) mentioned above account for the majority of NZAP members in this region.

Whether we choose to continue offering a Branch meeting is yet to be decided.

Convenor: Claudette McDonald claudetteamcdonald@gmail.com