Structure of NZAP


Members of the Association are supported by a professional structure that includes The Constitution and Rules, a Code of Ethics, a Code of Practice and a Complaints Procedure. This structure is maintained by members at local, regional and national levels. There are a number of elected positions which include a President and Council. An Executive Officer is employed to administer the Association’s affairs.

Register of Members

The register includes the names and addresses of:

  • Full members
  • Retired members
  • Life members
  • Provisional members who have a current supervision contract.

Regional Branches and Supervisors’ Groups

The Association has established regional branches. These are currently Otago, Canterbury, Nelson-Marlborough, Wellington, Central Districts, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty/Waikato and Northern. There is a regional convener appointed by each branch.

Meetings are organised according to each region’s needs, and to facilitate the business of the Association at local level.

Each branch also establishes a Regional Supervisors’ Group. This supports and monitors local supervisors in their responsibilities towards Applicants in the process of becoming members. It provides a professional forum for supervision, which is considered a central function and is a requirement for continuing membership of the Association.

The Regional Supervisors’ Group appoints a convener who coordinates the regional group with the national Standing Committee on Supervision.


The Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting which is traditionally held in conjunction with the annual Conference.
Council is composed of:

  • President
  • President Elect or Past President
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Chairpersons of Standing Committees – Admission, Ethics and Professional Standards
  • Two members of Waka Oranga
  • Four other members

Also in attendance at Council meetings are the Executive Officer and any others who from time to time may be considered appropriate, such as the Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Supervision.

Any member may, upon request, attend a Council meeting, except when the Council in ‘in committee’.


An annual conference is held and each region hosts the conference in turn.


  • A Handbook is updated and published as needed. It is a resource for members and applicants for membership.
  • A national Newsletter, reflecting the varied viewpoints and concerns of members, is published and distributed to all members periodically.
  • From time to time a Journal of collected papers will be published and distributed to all members.