NZAP Website Update #1 – Logging in

Dear Colleagues,
The new website is now online, at
I strongly encourage everyone to visit the new site and check their details on the “Members Register”.  You will need to double check all your details are up to date, and also double check which details you want “public” and which you want “private” (i.e. only visible to other NZAP members when logged in.)
To allow everyone to set up their details correctly the Members Register will not be viewable by the public for four weeks, meaning you have until Monday June the 16th to update your details and select the privacy options for each piece of information.
To login use the following details:
Username or email:     (Your email that is registered with the NZAP, i.e. the email you received this message on)
Password:                        Please contact Kyle or refer to the upcoming Inform email for the password
Please use this password when logging in for the first time, and once you;re logged in you can change it to password of your choosing.
Rather than providing long detailed written instructions about how to do this, I have made a short video of my desktop, showing you how to log in, access your personal details and make any necessary changes.
To view this video see below or past this address into your browser:

Any concners or questions please contact Burke Huner at:  or Kyle MacDonald at:
I’ll be sending out a few more updares and brief video guides on how to use some of the new features over the next few weeks, but feel free to have a look around in the meantime.
Kind regards,
Kyle MacDonald
on behalf of the Online Communications Committee.