Pre-Conference Day 16 April 2015 Children and Adolescents

Pre Conference Day 16th April


NZAP has had a growing interest in children and adolescents and we would like to bring some of this energy and enthusiasm together in a pre-conference workshop.


We’re aware that a significant number of us work with this group and we all mindful of the experience of the infant and young child when we are working with adults. We aim to present a workshop that focuses on the inner world of the child but also the external world of children who live with violence, neglect, abuse, and poverty in an environment that pays lip service, but very little real attention, to their needs.


At successive conferences we’ve tried to formulate ways in which we may be able to exert collective effort to raise awareness of children’s needs and exert political pressure. We’ve often been thwarted by our own pressure of insufficient time, hence the idea of a whole day to explore these issues. This day is therefore for everyone who has an interest in the wellbeing of children and in making a difference to our political climate.




The Shifting Ground of Political and Policy Change – Will this meet the needs of our children and adolescents


Thursday 16th April 2015


Christchurch Polytechnic (CPIT) on Madras Street, Christchurch


9.30 for 10.00 am start

4.00            finish


Cost: free


Morning/afternoon tea provided


All those with an interest in the wellbeing of children

(not only those who work directly with children/adolescents as clients)


There will be short presentations by Dr Nicola Atwool and Judith Morris as well as small group discussions and large group planning for the future.


Enrolments to:     Nikky Winchester: by 28th February 2015




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Registration form

Child and Adolescent Therapists Gathering

Thurs 16th April, 9.30 for a 10 am start – 4.00 pm

Venue: CPIT, Madras St, Christchurch

Cost: free.


Please email your registration to Nikky Winchester: by 28th February 2015



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