ACC Update – Kyle MacDonald

Email sent to NZAP Inform — 4 February 2013

Hi all,

I thought it was important to give a brief reassuring update to those of you are still providing counselling services to ACC, or those who have in the past.

Change is in the wind, however this time the NZAP via Kirsty Robertson and myself have been involved along with representatives from other professions. I have continued to represent the NZAP at SCAG meetings, and have also been drafted to be part of the “Complex claims focus group” one of a number of focus groups formed to address specific problem areas. Kirsty has attended the Professional Bodies Meeting.

The Sensitive Claims Advisory Group (SCAG) is being used to provide oversight to the plan being adopted to address the remaining recommendations of the Disley review.

This includes moving the provision of Sensitive Claims treatment to what ACC refer to as “under contract” in much the same way that psychological services are currently funded. This will require members re-applying to provide Sensitive claims work, to be placed under the contract. They will be able to continue to do the work they currently do but under contract.

At this early stage I believe these changes are heading in the right direction and the possibility is that we will end up with a better service. Our part of that will be ensuring that as many psychotherapists remain involved and become involved in the re-designed service.

The ACC are also planning a high degree of support and information through this transition.

In the meantime you can register with the Government tender service “GETS” where the initial invitations to tender for the contracts will be made.
See: Enter the code 931

As further details become available they will be circulated to members.

Kindest regards,

Kyle MacDonald