Launch of Family Dispute Resolution Services FDR

Launch of FDR
The launch date is now 31 March 2014.

Request for Proposal
In October, the Ministry issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services. We understand the Ministry has considered the responses to the RFP from prospective suppliers.

FairWay, which will only use mediators credentialed by AMINZ and NZLS, is confirmed as a national supplier of FDR Services. We are advised that the Ministry will be able to provide a more comprehensive update on supplier arrangements in the New Year.

Counselling services
The implementation of the new family justice system includes changes to the role of counsellors.

There will be counselling services out of court- within Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)- and in court.

As part of FDR, counselling may be offered to one or both parties to help them prepare to participate effectively in mediation.

In court, judges will be able to direct counselling for parties although this will have a different focus from current counselling. Its focus will shift from reconciliation, to assisting parties to improve their relationship and/or to encourage compliance with any direction or order made by the court.

Family Court approved counsellors will be able to provide counselling both out of court and in court.

The Ministry is finalising appointing processes for existing Family Court approved counsellors and expects to communicate about the appointing process early in the New Year.

Rules and regulations
The regulations relating to FDR and counselling have been gazetted.

The Ministry has been consulting on the rules- including transitional rules- with the judiciary and the finalised rules will be submitted for Cabinet sign off in the New Year.

Register for FDR Education Now!
This is the education you need!
Choose 1-, 2- or 3-day modules, as well as the add-on events or simply just do the add-ons.

Auckland: 13, 14 and 15 February
Wellington: 20, 21 and 22 February
South Islanders: Discounted rates

Speakers include: Lady Deborah Chambers, QC, Judge Vivienne Ullrich, Judge David Burns, Dr Jan Pryor, Garry Collin, Jill Goldson, Denise Evans, Anne Scragg, Phillip Green, Nicola Hartfield, Royden Hindle, Rihi Te Nana, Tauke Kirkwood, Sam Sefuiva, Berlinda Chin, Gaye Greenwood, Moira Green, Mary Ferguson, Des Casey, Stuart Rose, Trish Blyth, Barbara McCulloch, Jessica Singh, Deborah Sim, Donna Poynton, Deborah Hart, Cary Hayward, Jayne O’Neill, Jenny Leith, Virginia Goldblatt, Jon Everest and representatives from the Ministry of Justice.

Our assessors will also be on site. This means you can book your assessment to be an FDR Provider.

The Modules

The family justice system
Best interests and welfare of the children-models of mediation practice
The law and FDR
What goes into agreements and how they should they be drafted
Managing high emotion, power imbalances and capacity to negotiate
Addressing diversity: ensuring fairness, inclusiveness and appropriate processes
Skills and strategies for managing future disagreements
Assessing and managing risk before and during mediation: family violence and power abuse
Coached role play practice
Breakfast, Lunchtime & Evening Events

A Queen’s Counsel’s View on family mediation, with Lady Deborah Chambers, QC
Public v privately funded mediation, with Virginia Goldblatt
Professional practice: supervision
Professional practice: ethics
Dealing with unrepresented clients
Driving your FDR business: credentialing and marketing
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To register for a Queen’s Counsel’s View of Mediation with Lady Deborah Chambers QC, click HERE.

The rates for this education start at just $360 inc GST per day. Discounted rates apply to AMINZ members, NZBA, NZCA and NZAP members, or anyone applying to be an AMINZ member.

One Day Mediation Seminar
With Nigel Dunlop and Barbara McCulloch

Auckland: 11 February
Christchurch: 17 February
Wellington:18 February

Designed for therapists, counsellors. psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers. It will build on participants’ knowledge, skill and experience and explain differences between existing practice and models for FDR practice. It aims to fill gaps in your knowledge with particular emphasis on general legal underpinnings of mediation.

This seminar is offered in conjunction with the AMINZ Family Dispute Resolution Education. It will not repeat material covered in that syllabus, although it does cover a part of the AMINZ syllabus for Associate (FDR).

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The earlybird rates for this seminar are only $395 inc GST for AMINZ, NZCA and NZAP members or anyone applying to be an AMINZ member.

Apply to be an FDR Provider
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The AMINZ office will re-open Monday 6 January 2014.

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