Generic Supervision Assessment Tool – survey

The Generic Supervision Assessment Tool (GSAT) is a multidisciplinary tool that has been tested against a broad workforce sector in order to capture multiple perspectives. The GSAT has three versions that were designed to capture the perspectives of the supervisee, supervisor and an independent third party. The focusing of this work is on defining clinical supervisor competencies and strengthening methods of feedback and experiential learning in the training of supervisors. The current project involves two research aspects that participants can participate in.

The closing date for both is the 31st of October. It doesn’t matter if you have participated in the past; you can still participate again.

Study 2: The validation of the GSAT for use with video

GSAT Griffith Research Flyer Study 2 (PDF)

The purpose of this study is to build the Assessor version of the GSAT for use in giving supervisors feedback on their observed use of the competency items listed in the GSAT. This will ensure the tool can be used in relation to training or other assessment processes and that it is done in a way that ensures robust inter-rater reliability processes. We are looking for around 30 videos. If you are interested please email:  and you will be sent a research pack which includes consent forms, GSAT’s, Demographics, password protected USB and pre-paid return bags.

Participation in this research will help us to understand and inform how the quality of clinical supervision practice can be assessed using this scale. Participants may not receive any direct benefit from participating in this research, but we think that they will develop a better understanding of their approach to clinical supervision practice as a result of participation. Participants can use videos of supervision that they have used for other processes such as STAP.

Study 3: Online Survey – The confirmatory validation of the GSAT (Supervisor and Supervisee)

Study 3 GSAT Supervision Research Flyer (PDF)

This research aims to validate the Generic Supervision Assessment Tool (GSAT), which could be used for assessing the generic skills and competencies of clinical supervisors. Participants will be asked to complete the GSAT and other similar tools. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Interested supervisees and supervisors can participate via the links below. 



Both studies include the chance to be in to win one of two (per study) pre-paid visa cards for $200.


Sarah Hamilton

PhD Candidate, Griffith University