Call for help to run the 1737 support line

Kia ora,

We need help. More Kiwis are calling 1737, in response to COVID-19, and we need mental health professionals to support the community. A work from home option is available, providing support to callers of the National Telehealth Service which includes 137. We are currently seeing an increase in our service volumes and some changes in presentations. Issues callers request support for are diverse and some of the current themes we are seeing include:

  • relationship issues exacerbated by lockdown
  • increasing stress around individual and whanau financial security and jobs/careers
  • health anxiety re COVID-19 and triggered mood disorders
  • increased risk presentation (suicide, self-harm, harm to and from others including domestic violence)
  • individuals experiencing increased isolation without the social support structures/resources to be able to cope
  • changes to face-to-face support options impacting people’s ability to access/maintain treatment
  • alcohol and other drug-related issues

Ideally, any experienced registered therapist would meet the criteria (even better if you also have some telehealth experience eg Lifeline etc). If you are a good fit and meet our requirements (including experience and their IT setup) then we will on board you as quickly as possible and give you access to some online learning. The training is quick and focusses on our systems and critical processes (no focus on clinical skills training).  

Please email so we can contact you with more information.

Please click here for a factsheet.