Reading Freud: Zoom reading group


Lynne Holdem and Crispin Balfour are proposing to read The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud from beginning to end (excluding the index) and wish to invite interested professionals to join them.

The format will be as follows:

  • The reading group is open but with notice.
  • Meetings will take place on Zoom.
  • Access to the Standard Edition is required.
  • The reading will begin at 7:10 am NZT each Monday (excluding NZ public holidays) for fifty minutes.
  • There will be ten minutes at the end to reflect on the reading.
  • Participants will take it in turns to read aloud a page at a time, to the nearest full stop.
  • A secondary reader will read the footnotes in full.
  • Reading is voluntary but encouraged.
  • Readers will be rostered from the list of people attending previous Mondays.
  • There may be pause for some discussion but the primary intention is to read the text.
  • The hope is to complete reading all twenty-three volumes in about two years.
  • The group is open nationally and internationally.
  • Participant umbers will be limited to forty-nine to fit on one Zoom screen.

They are aiming to begin on 3 May.

Please email if you are interested.