Upcoming Winter and Spring Events with Toni McErlane


Mediation Skills for Professionals

August 19th to 21st – Dunedin

In this 3-day experiential training, you will develop the essential techniques, skills and philosophical approach to confidently enter, navigate and resolve both minor and major disputes. You will be able to apply these immediately to support families, couples, community groups, and any other parties with opposing perspectives.

This training draws from the internationally renowned principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and from Toni’s 12 years of experience providing mediation for couples, families and other groups with differing perspectives and interests.

This training will support you to…

  • Develop a foundational framework to support consistent and effective conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • Understand the dynamics and organic process of mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Develop confidence and ease within conflict resolution

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Intro to Somatic Ecotherapy and Wild Bones of Winter Day Quest

August 26th to 27th – Patuha Rainforest Retreat- Taranaki

On the 26th of August we will be offering the opportunity to experience a daylong introduction to Somatic Mindful Ecotherapy, a taste of how to hold a therapeutic space in nature. Come along to experience for yourself the simple and beautiful power of supporting clients to remember their relationship with the natural world and see themselves more wholly through natures reflections.

The following day will be an opportunity to participate in a “Day Quest” / Wilderness Vigil. As part of this one-day soulful event we will follow the 3 phases of a traditional Rite of Passage, Separation, Threshold and Incorporation. We will start the day with coming together in circle to explore each other’s intention, in the spirit of open-hearted listening. Stepping out of circle, you will then move into your own individual experience (Separation). Crossing a Threshold, we honour the transition into sacred liminal space where you will enter into a conversation with the land. Returning through the threshold, you are welcomed back into circle to share what will have transpired out there in the mystery of the Natural world and the Winter landscape. (Incorporation).

For more information www.restorativerelationships.co.nz



Wild at HeartMindful Somatic Ecotherapy Immersion – 10 Day Training for Professionals

1st Nov to 11th November – Kauaeranga Outdoor Education Centre, Thames

This training is four-module over 10 days and includes an overnight wilderness vigil.

The purpose of the training is to support participants in (a) developing their own intimate relationship with nature, (b) developing a solid structure for facilitating an Ecotherapy session, (c) incorporating a number of different therapeutic modalities well suited for this work (see above), and (d) determining where their own particular level of comfort is in this way of working.

Each of the four modules will revolve around the theme of one of the four cardinal directions (North, South, East and West) and their associated stages of human development and transformation (drawn particularly from the work of Meredith Little and Steve Foster and the School of Lost Borders, and from the work of David Talamo and Wilderness Reflections). As part of each module, participants will explore each of these developmental stages in relation to their own personal life journeys, in relation to the various cycles found in nature, and with regard to facilitating the healing and transformation of their clients.

Course Framework: 4 Modules

Module 1: “Establishing Basecamp” – Resourcing

Theme: Gathering resources and establishing alliance, with nature, our clients, and our essential self

Module 2: “The Foothills” – Accessing Theme: Identifying the therapeutic threshold and venturing forth.

Module 3: “Climbing the Mountain” – Processing

Theme: Navigating the territory of unhealed wounds and unresolved trauma.

Module 4: “Back to Basecamp” – Integration

Theme: Weaving the rewards of this transformative journey into ordinary consciousness and our everyday life.

Facilitators: Toni McErlane, Paris Williams & Bren Whitmore

For more information www.restorativerelationships.co.nz