May 2011

Online Communication Report May  2011

The committee members are:

The Website


Progress continues.  One big step has happened, that has been something I wanted to see happen for a while.  Simon (webmaster) has met with Elaine in Wellington and they were able to reach clarity about the requirements needed before member logins are useful.


Simon has implemented most of the requirements, and Member Login will be announced soon.  The sequence of events for that is:


 •  Elaine will use and test the online database to ensure it can meet her requirements, I think we are close.


 •  Online Communication Committee members test


 •  Simon will then enable the member Log-in menu.


 •  Notify members in the newsletter and by email that they can log-in and edit some of their own data.


We will be able to develop member only sections with files, forums, photos, this will make the website a more vital place in the future…  and yes the future is here, but not evenly distributed, and our organisation is not the bleeding edge.


Regional Sections with similar member only areas are a possibility.  The Northern Branch already has a public page Kyle set up:


Many incremental facilitative steps have also occurred for example the workshop & events are now editable with a simple form.  


Simon and I have collated all the tasks still to do, and prioritised them, they are in a “staff” area on the website.






The register has continued to be refined.  It meets requirements for admin such as membership status, payments, and current data.  Privacy settings mean there are fields that are public and some that are admin only.


The Register being online means it reduces phone calls to Elaine re therapist details.  The register can be sorted by clicking the column headings and on the to-do list is to improve the interface to “Find a Psychotherapist”.  Printing the register works now, again to tidy this function is on the list.




I quote from the last two reports:

Simon as webmaster is responsible for the way the site works, not what goes in it.  With the new structure each page or groups of pages can be edited by someone given the password to do that.

Over time it would be good for Simon to know which Committee and within a committee a person who is responsible for the content of that  page.  He can then work with them to make it all look good and keep it up to date.


Updating the web is easier than ever and Simon can set up permissions for people to do this, and assist. 


Some people have shown interest and we expect more rapidly from here on.. 


How to assist people forthcoming for this is a question.


A workshop at a conference?  Skype teach-ins?



The Online Communication Committee


I have resigned as Chair, though I will stay on the committee.  This will be my last report.


Kyle McDonald has agreed to step into the position and this has the support of the Online Communication Committee and I ask Council to ratify this appointment.



Walter Logeman

Online Communication Committee