September 2011

Online Communication Report September 2011

Sunday, 2 October, 2011


The Committee:

The committee members are:


I resigned as Chair earlier in the year.  Kyle McDonald agreed to take on the position.  Due to the pressure of a new baby he decided to withdraw from the position and the committee for now.  I have continued as Chair in the interim.


Burke Hunter has Joined the committee and we are pleased to have a new member on board!  Welcome Burke!


Burke got involved after having a good experience editing the Bicultural pages.  This is good news indeed as we hope to find more people on the various ctees who will keep their pages up to date.


John Farnsworth has written an item for the newsletter, and this is a positive step in keeping this committee visible to the membership.  More visibility of the committee at the Conference is needed to attract new members and hopefully a new Chair.


The Website

* Member Login


Progress continues  I have just had this update from Simon:


Our technician, Hugh, has made the last two changes required to enable
member login.

1. Members without an email address no longer have their Personal
contact form enabled and no icon appears beside their name on the NZAP
Register. Members can edit their profile and change the settings on
the Personal contact form and to enable or disable the form.
2. When a member logs in and edits their profile a message is
generated to the NZAP executive officer detailing the change. This
notification needs some tweaking but is working well enough for now.

Member login isvery close, just awaiting those tweaks. Members can then edit their own profiles in the Register and this is our official record.  There should not be bugs in this system, and we on the committee will need to test it before the word spreads and we make an official announcement.


* Web Forums

The Online Communication Committee, who can log in, are testing that now.  We will report progress in the next report.




Walter Logeman

Acting Chair
Online Communication Committee