ACP Welcome Page: Resources and Information

Welcome to the page that’s designed to help you with the Advanced Clinical Practice qualification. It’s for candidates, Training Supervisors and anyone who’s thinking about whether the qualification might be right for them.

The page contains resources for the ACP. It’s a new area and bare bones at present. But we will add more resources as time goes by.

Click the links below to download ACP documents or to find information you need about the ACP. The links contain all current documents and are regularly updated:

1. Information about the ACP process

Becoming A Full Or Provisional Member of the NZAP

  • The steps to joining NZAP, including starting the ACP

Supervision and Experience Criteria for Provisional Members

  • Outlines the supervision requirements for the ACP

ACP Pathway: Assessment Policy and Procedures

  • Outlines all aspects of the ACP including fees. It also has a link to the ACP Handbook

ACP Handbook September 2018

  • The ACP Handbook can be downloaded directly from this link

ACP Flowchart

  • Outlines the steps and timeline for completing the ACP in graphic form

2. Contract forms for downloading

First ACP Training Contract

  • Download this supervision form when you begin the ACP

Annual ACP Training Contract

  • Download this annual supervision contract form