Affairs, Infidelity and Relationship Workshop

Posted on July 17, 2023

Affairs, Infidelity and Relationship: Working with crises of trust & respect

When someone has broken the rules of the relationship, the rules of therapy need to change too!  Let me show you how and why and discover the transformative power of addressing infidelity effectively! My two-day, in-person training will give you the knowledge and skills to turn this crisis into a unique opportunity for growth.

Whether you specialize in working with couples or individuals, this workshop is tailor-made to elevate your practice. Gain the tools to effectively address and heal the wounds caused by infidelity, fostering profound growth and renewal in your clients’ lives. Learn from my 30 years of hard-won experience about what does and doesn’t work when the foundations of a relationship get rocked.

In this dynamic and practical two-day workshop, you will learn key assessment targets and straightforward interventions that can settle your client(s) right down and give them the best possible chance to turn this crisis into growth, learning and deeper intimacy.  

Topics covered will include:

  • How to talk about and deal with trust issues
  • Which of the many flavours & faces of infidelity are you dealing with?
  • Tailoring interventions to a person’s developmental level
  • Helping both parties to have a realistic and deep understanding of how and why the infidelity happened
  • Recognising and naming who is responsible for what – working with infidelity in the context of broader relationship dynamics
  • What is and what isn’t a deal breaker
  • Working with extreme emotional responses
  • The impact on YOU of this issue – your views and history with infidelity and trust

I’m Nic Beets, one of the very few clinical psychologists in NZ who specialises in couple, relationship and sex therapy. As well as offering training & supervision, I work online with couples at & wrote “Make Love Work – A Practical Guide to Relationship Success”, published this year by Allen & Unwin


Dates: 21 & 22 August

Venue: Sorrento in the Park, One Tree Hill, Auckland

Cost: $520 inc GST till 24 July ($570 after) 

Includes delicious Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea