Ashburn Clinic and the opportunity for residential psychotherapy

Friday 16 March 11.00-12.30

As We Grow

Ashburn Clinic and the opportunity for residential psychotherapy: Living, learning and growing in the therapeutic community culture, supported and augmented by a psychosocial model of nursing and care

by Dr Megan Bryan and Monique Lammers, joined by colleagues from and residents at the Ashburn Clinic


In this paper Megan and Monique will briefly look at the history of therapeutic communities and then specifically the Ashburn Clinic. They will outline the factors which are thought to contribute to the therapeutic potential of therapeutic communities. They will then discuss the place of psychotherapy, both the psychodynamic understanding that people obtain and the residential elements of it. They will also look briefly at group psychotherapy.

They plan to have presentations from a small number of residents currently at the Ashburn Clinic, talking about their lived experience of this type of work in a question and answer format.

Megan and Monique will finally review what is known regarding outcomes from this type of experience and treatment, what is known regarding the Ashburn Clinic’s outcomes to date and areas for future research.


Megan Bryan worked in General Practice for 10 years before beginning training in psychiatry in 1998. She joined the Ashburn Clinic team in 2005 to complete her advanced training in psychotherapy. She obtained a Consultant Psychiatrist position there in 2009.  She is a Provisional Member of NZAP.

Monique Lammers is a Registered Mental Health Nurse who trained at Cherry Farm Hospital, graduating in 1987. After working in various mental health facilities and some time travelling, she started working at the Ashburn Clinic in 1993, initially as a casual psychosocial nurse and then as a full time employee. In 2012 Monique left the Ashburn Clinic and worked for the Primary Health Organisation for five years. She has recently returned to the Ashburn Clinic in the role of Director of Nursing and Allied Health.