“Baby In Sync: The Emotionally Connected Baby” by Miranda Thorpe

Posted on November 12, 2023

This book is about using an ancient method of early toilet training that strengthens the emotional and psychological bond, conscious and unconscious, between caregiver and child. This enhanced attachment has ripple effects throughout the person’s life. 

Miranda Thorpe takes us into the world of traditional childrearing and helps us understand and appreciate the dying skill of benign toilet training with newborns and very young babies. In 2013, together with her husband, she backpacked around Southeast Asia for over seven months observing babies and their caregivers and filming over 70 interviews. As a senior psychotherapist, mother and grandmother she sensitively draws on her extensive experience and expertise to interpret her research. She concludes that this method is an invaluable asset to deeper emotional connection, better relationships and healthier living. 

This book describes the practical, financial, psychological, and environmental advantages of using EC. This is a vital environmental issue. Faecal laden disposables take up a third of all landfills. In New Zealand alone we use well over one million disposable nappies every single day. A disposable nappy takes over 500 years to decompose.  I believe this is unnecessary and potentially detrimental to our offspring, and definitely dangerous for our planet. Vanuatu has banned disposables – so can we. Please read this book and help spread the word. Our children need our help and so does our planet!


Available on Amazon as a hardback, paperback, audiobook and ebook. 

Enquiries to: babyinsync@gmail.co or miranda.thorpe10@gmail.com