Facilitating and supporting mental health and wellbeing in clients – two MUST HAVE books

The Professional Practice of Psychology will be of interest to all professionals who work to facilitate and support the mental health and wellbeing of their patients/clients. The book has 34 chapters covering diverse topics including, ethical issues and working with Māori, Pasifika, Asian, Indian peoples and refugees. Other chapters include privacy, confidentiality, child abuse and neglect, professional wellbeing, research and practice, social justice and community change,  social determinants of health and the promotion of flourishing, working with children and their families, older people and much more.

Te Manu Kai Te Mātauranga: Indigenous Psychology in Aoteraroa New Zealand– this unique book celebrates diversity and honours Māori worldviews. Māori psychologists offering insights into how hope, cultural contexts and culturally significant essentials influence their work with Māori.

To order these books: http://www.psychology.org.nz/publications-media/professional-practice-handbooks