Frustration: A portal to creativity and growth

Sunday 18 March 9.00-10.00

Frustration: A portal to creativity and growth

by Sue Bradshaw


Learning to tolerate and manage frustrating experiences is an essential part of growth for all children. Many of the children and teenagers Sue sees in her practice as a child and adolescent psychotherapist struggle with various aspects of frustration. She intends to demonstrate how previously unbearable frustration can become an opportunity for growth and creativity.

Influenced by the ideas of Donald Winnicott (psychoanalyst and paediatrician), Lynne Murray (developmental researcher), Sue Gerhardt (psychoanalytic psychotherapist), Arietta Slade (attachment theorist, researcher, and infant mental health specialist) and neuropsychologist, Allan Schore, Sue will use examples from her clinical practice to outline how the transformation of previously intolerable frustration can promote important growth promoting capacities.


Sue Bradshaw is a Full Member of NAZP and trained as a child psychotherapist as AUT, completing her training in 2000. Since then she has worked in child and adolescent mental health for NGOs focusing on trauma and parent-child relationships, and for the past 9 years she has been in private practice on Auckland’s North Shore. Her particular areas of interest include working with children and teenagers with ASD, with anxiety based issues, and with a wide range of relationship difficulties.