Guidelines for NZAP Expenses

For Council and Committee Members and others
as approved by Council at 1/5/05


Expenses may be charged by Council and Committee members and others as approved. The general guideline is that where costs are incurred in the course of NZAP business, NZAP will pay.

Transportation to your meeting is paid by NZAP. With airlines we ask you to book ahead as far as possible since it reduces costs greatly. However we recognize that sometimes plans have to be made at short notice. Don’t pay for cancellation insurance – it is cheaper for us to insure ourselves.

Car travel is paid at $0.50 per km.

When the meeting is some distance from home we understand it may be reasonable to stay overnight and eat before and/or after a meeting: NZAP will pay such expenses.

Sometimes a person stays at a private home instead of a hotel. In this case a $50 cost can be claimed, similarly a contribution to meal costs.

Generally receipts are needed for all expenses. If for some reason this is not possible (for instance when staying at a private home) then a statement of explanation is needed.

NZAP does not normally pay for alcohol.

If your meeting is most of a day, for instance from 11.00am until 6.00pm and you can reasonably travel to and from home that day, please do that. However if you want to stay a night we will reimburse.

All expenses must be receipted – our accounts are audited each year and receipts may be checked, especially if the amount is over $50. Occasionally if a receipt is lost a statement of the expense will be acceptable. A receipt should include the vendor name, the date, the amount, if GST is included and the GST number (GST invoices should be labeled “Tax Invoice”). For mileage claims there is naturally no receipt.