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NZAP Conf 2014

The Essence: Life and Death of the Psychotherapist

Picasso’s Bulls – 1945
Picasso painted this series to show the increasing essence of the bull – what is psychotherapy’s essence?

NZAP Conf 2014

The Courage to Think Differently
Iain McGilchrist wrote the book, ‘The Master and The Emissary’ about how the two hemispheres of the brain create completely different experiences of reality, experiences that are often in apparent opposition to themselves.
Click on this link to listen to a short talk (14 minutes) by Dr McGilchrist

Dr Iain McGilchrist – ‘The Courage to Think Differently’

This bronze sculpture was unveiled in June 2001 to mark the new millennium. Named Waitukei, it was created by Rotorua artist and master carver Lyonel Grant. Its inspiration was the people of this area and the rich melding of Maori and European cultures. It was crafted from bronze over a two year period and depicts two symbolic figures, one male and one female.

NZAP Conf 2014

Beyond the Binary – Shifting New Zealand’s Mindset
Dame Anne Salmon enquires into aspects of our collective life as New Zealanders, in this thought provoking talk from 2012.
Please click on the link below to read this talk:

Beyond the Binary

Great Circus, Chagall – 1984
Chagall was 97 years old when he painted this image. Do we sometimes feel we are amidst an audience of thousands when we are in psychotherapy?


The Turin Horse
Does this 5 minute opening scene from master director Bela Tarr, evoke a sense of some therapy sessions? How do we stay alive in such a context? How much do we dread psychotherapy turning into such a situation? When do we feel like the horse, and when do we feel like the Cab driver?
Click on the link below to watch this slowly evolving film opening::

The Turin Horse

Pattern Recognition
Or can we handle almost any difficulty if we can just seem to find the pattern? How tempting is it to press for this relief?

NZAP Conf 2014

South Wind at Clear Dawn – 1830s
Katsushika Hokusai (1760 – 1849) was a Japanese painter and printmaker, one of Japan’s premier artists.

NZAP Conf 2014

Full Moon Over Wellington
Perhaps this evokes similar feelings to a therapy session that goes particularly ‘well’, whatever that may mean for us as therapists and clients.
Click on the link below to view a remarkable video taken with a simple telephoto lens from a lookout on Mt Victoria, Wellington:

Moon Rising over Mt Victoria

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