Memorandum of Understanding with Council – MOU

Memorandum of Understanding between NZAP Council and the Online Communication Committee


1. Purpose & Roles of the Committee.


To plan & implement internal online communication within NZAP, this

includes the Website, Online communication groups.


To assess the viability and safety and if useful to develop online

communications between members in such areas as assessment, supervision

and other administrative details such as membership and conference



To be informed on matters pertaining to Psychotherapy and use of

technology in psychotherapy.


To reflect on and inform NZAP formally and informally on matters related

to use of technology in psychotherapy.



2. The Committee will report on its work to the Council and to the AGM.



3. Membership


Membership decisions are made by the committee & ratified by Council.

The following principles are to be observed, though they may be varied

for reasons such as experience, willingness, ability and availability:


    * Membership of about six people

    * Members from each region if possible


4. Chairperson


Chair appointed by committee, ratified by Council.


Liaison with Council:  The Chair or a member of the committee may also

be a council member.  If the Chair is not on Council then the Council

will appoint one member to the committee.



Last Updated 17 October 2011