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Ka mua, ka muri

A celebration of 75 years of the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

Online Event, 1 – 3 April 2022

Now open to members and non-members.


Huihui mai! Let’s celebrate our 75th anniversary, and explore how we bring psychotherapy with us into the future in Aotearoa.

In Te Ao Māori, time is conceived as circular rather than linear. Ka mua, ka muri. Each new day falls down towards us. As we walk backwards into the future, we look to the past to understand what is needed in the present.

In The Red Book, Carl Jung spoke of the Spirit of the Times, the zeitgeist that forms our conscious rational mind, morals and values; and the Spirit of the Depths, timeless and eternal, like a living breathing sea, unconscious and full of potential.

We cannot know what is coming towards us. If we are connected to ourselves and each other in the present while looking to the past, we have more awareness of the spirit of the times and the spirit of the depths. In dialogue, stories of the present, wisdom of the past, intimations of the future and observations are woven together.

A panel of NZAP members will speak on how we might bring psychotherapy with us into the future in Aotearoa. Workshops, papers, and group conversations are possible. Time to be together, to listen and reflect, for lively discussion and (we hope) dance.

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Cancellation Policy

– If you cancel up to and including 31 January you will be refunded 80% of your total fee.
– If you cancel up to 28 February you will be refunded 50% of your total fee.
– If you cancel on or after 1 March, you will only receive a refund for extenuating circumstances and with the discretion of the organising committee.

Contingency Plan

Our contingency plan has kicked into place due to the Omicron outbreak and New Zealand going into Red.  The Ka Mua, Ka Muri conference will be held online rather than face to face. The online conference fee will be $150 for all registrants. You will be refunded the difference once all payments have been processed.