Call for Papers

Call for Papers

As part of Te Ipu Taiao, The Climate Crucible, we warmly invite submission of proposals for papers from psychotherapists who are NZAP members as well as non-members and also from allied professionals. Proposals may focus on any aspect of the climate crisis, whether this be the climate crisis in relation to clinical work, psychological processes involved in our responses to the climate crisis, the cultural, professional and/or personal challenges involved in engaging with the climate crisis, scientific papers focused on the nature of the climate crisis and its relevance for psychotherapy, proposals with a Te Ao Māori lens, papers on colonisation and resilience, or papers with a different focus in relation to the climate crisis. All submissions are welcome.

Note: all presentations will be offered online only as webinars or in Zoom rooms.

Note that papers/presentations may also be considered and/or published in Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa.

Abstract guidelines and format

  • Please submit a title and abstract summarising your presentation. This will be printed in the programme.
  • Your abstract should clearly and concisely outline the CONTENT of the presentation and should include key points/issues to be addressed.
  • Presentations need to be 60 minutes long including time for questions and discussion.
  • Your proposal should be a Word document, no more than 150 words long.
  • Text must be in 12pt Arial font, single-spaced and left aligned.


We have invited allied professionals, students of psychotherapy and students of environmental science to register.

Please state whether your paper is: 

a) suitable for a general audience; or

b) suitable for psychotherapists, students of psychotherapy and allied professionals only.

Criteria for acceptance

  • Relevance to theme of Climate Crucible.
  • Academic standard and conceptual credibility.
  • Meaningful to the practice of psychotherapy.

Proposals must be submitted by Friday 11 December 2020 at 9.00pm.

Please send abstracts to Claire Miranda:

Pounamu Iti – small treasures

We are also inviting your short creative responses to the theme of Te Ipu Taiao, The Climate Crucible. These may be photos, poems, music, or short video presentations (less than 3 minutes) that celebrate your sacred place, your love of another species, or your hopes and fears for the natural world. We would value receiving photos of members or short videos taken in a natural setting. However, we also welcome your own creative free association to the conference theme in whatever form it comes as long as it is up to three minutes in length.

These will be collated and shared during breaks in the programme.

Pounamu Iti should be received by Friday 22 January 2021 at 9.30pm.

Please send Pounamu Iti to Claire Miranda: