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Call for abstracts – flyer

Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

The 2020 NZAP Conference Organising Committee are developing a conference we anticipate will be thought-provoking, engaging and enriching. The conference will be held at the Home of Compassion, a beautiful spiritual retreat centre in Island Bay. It has a long history of offering refuge to the disadvantaged. The nurturing and holding nature of the venue resonates with who we are and what we do as therapists.

The inspiration for the title of the conference comes from the outstanding body of work of keynote speaker, Dr Lawrence (Larry) Hedges, in particular his book, “Terrifying Transferences: Aftershocks of childhood trauma”.

“There is a level of stark terror known to one degree or another by all human beings. It silently haunts our lives and occasionally surfaces in therapy. It is this deep-seated fear – often manifest in dreams or fantasies of dismemberment, mutilation, torture, abuse, insanity, rape, or death – that grips us with the terror of being lost forever in time and space or controlled by hostile forces stronger than ourselves. Whether the terror is felt by the client or by the therapist, it has a disorienting, fragmenting, crippling power. How we can look directly into the face of such terror, hold steady, and safely work it through is the subject of Terrifying Transferences.” From Dr Lawrence Hedges’ website,

Being compassionate and mindful when we or our client are gripped with terror, sometimes without apparent reason, combines both the art and grist of what we do. Whether Individual terror, or collective terror, it is a current reality in the global environment, possibly more than ever before. From the very real possibility of the annihilation of life on Papatuanuku/planet Earth, to the loss of community, to the psychological hell experienced by whanau and individuals, this is the contemporary milieu we work in as therapists. With this in mind the theme “Winiwini Wanawana Wehi Ihi – Terror in the Transference” was born.

The conference theme offers an opportunity to confront, explore, share and navigate the terror that can emerge within the transference from a variety of perspectives. Our bicultural position in Aotearoa New Zealand places us in a unique position to contribute significantly to this conversation.

We invite papers, presentations, and workshops that address this theme in all its complexity and diversity. Note that papers/presentations will also be considered and/or published in Ata: Journal of Psychotherapy Aotearoa.

Abstract guidelines and format

  • Please submit a title and abstract summarising your presentation. This will be printed in the conference programme.
  • Your abstract should clearly and concisely outline the CONTENT of the presentation and should include key points/issues to be addressed. It should also clarify how long you will want for your presentation, as per the note below.
  • Your proposal should be a Word document or a PDF, no more than 150 words long.
  • Text must be in 12pt Arial font, single-spaced and left aligned.

Please note that presentations can be either:

  • One hour including time for questions/discussion; or
  • One and a half hours including time for questions/discussion.

Criteria for acceptance

  • Relevance to conference theme.
  • Academic standard and conceptual credibility.
  • Meaningful to the practice of psychotherapy.

The deadline for proposals is Friday 30 August at 9.00pm. Please send to Cherry Pye at


Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi.

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