Hawkes Bay

In Hawke’s Bay we have 28 people on our emailing list who are all invited to our 6 weekly branch meetings. Of that number we can range from 15 to 3 in attendance at any given meeting. We decided long ago that our meetings would be open to people that have an interest in attending i.e. one does not have to be a registered psychotherapist per se. At the time this was because the Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (BASS) was offered at EIT. This meant that we had a number of students at various stages of their training that we wanted to support by being inclusive. Unfortunately, that training has now been disestablished. Nonetheless we keep our doors open to interested parties.

Our meetings are pretty informal with collegiality being the main component. As you are all no doubt aware, we often work in isolation, especially if we are running a private practice – this is very much the case in Hawke’s Bay. Our 6 weekly meetings give us the opportunity to come together, talk, support, educate and simply be with one another. This is always helped along by beverages and nibbles of course!

Over the past 4 or so years we have been involved in a major push to progress our large number of provisional members into full membership. We are very pleased to report that this has been a huge success and we now proudly boast a large majority of full members. Lately we have had discussions about combining some of our meetings with NZAC – perhaps 3 per year. The rationale behind this is a) build support networks and collegiality, and b) combine professional development trainings. This is still under consideration.

We have also recently hosted the 2016 NZAP Conference – the first time since the watershed one of 2007! While it is a mammoth task, it is also a privilege to host a conference and see what unfolds. My personal impression was that it was a moving experience and a time of healing whilst at the same time opening up new challenges for NZAP as a whole.

We continue to debate issues relating to PBANZ and NZAP – this always brings about some energetic conversation!

Convenor: Claudette McDonald