Why an NZAP therapist

There are several reasons to choose a member of NZAP.

  • We are committed to the safe and ethical (PDF 346 KB) practice of psychotherapy in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • We are all qualified to practice psychotherapy. This may be through having a university degree in psychotherapy, an equivalent qualification from a recognised training institution, or by way of an Advanced Clinical Practice certificate, which involves a thorough process of learning, intensive supervision of therapeutic work, the writing of a therapeutic study and an assessment interview.
  • We have regular supervision of our work.
  • We strive to keep abreast with developments in the field of psychotherapy and psychology. This may be through the ongoing reading of textbooks, journals and research, through attending professional development events, through debates or discussions with colleagues at conferences, and through newsletters, email groups and our journal Ata.
  • We are relational, passionate about our profession and alive with the pleasures and the challenges of being in association with other psychotherapy practitioners.

We are often outspoken and bring our deep understanding of the human psyche and our witnessing of human suffering into responsible social and political action. This may be through making submissions to government or commenting to the media as well as through work with other organisations to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.