Post-Conference Workshop

Post-Conference Workshop with Farhad Dalal – Monday April 22, 2013

We are pleased to be hosting this Post-Conference Workshop. For details and a link to the Post Conference Registration Form see below.

Note: Due to the considerable interest in this workshop, Farhad Dalal will run a second workshop option. The content of each workshop will be the same.

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Specialists without Spirit, Sensualists without Heart: The Ethics of Psychotherapy


The accepted convention within the field of psychotherapy is that the therapeutic process either is, or ought to be, value free; that the therapist ought to do their utmost to keep their own world view out of the picture and should not influence the client who is to be non-judgementally accepted on their own terms.

Schools that think of themselves as scientific (classical psychoanalysts and cognitivists), tend to view themselves as detached practitioners offering a scientific, and therefore, value-free treatment.

Meanwhile therapists within the Humanistic Traditions and Person Centred therapies work hard at sequestering their own beliefs whilst fostering the ‘authentic’ values of the client.

Amongst the kinds of questions that this workshop will ask of participants are: is this what actually happens? And if it is, is it ethical?

In contrast to the conventions that think that the ethical stance of the therapist ought to be one of value free detachment, my emerging view is one that conceives of therapy as a kind of ethical conversation rather than ‘treatment’, which requires the therapist be present and involved with their values intact.

The workshop will be of interest to practitioners of all schools (analytic, cognitivist, and humanistic) who are interested to critically reflect on their own practice and the world views that they are based on.

Post-Conference Workshop Information and Registration


There are two options:

  • A) Monday Option: Monday April 22, 2013, 9.00am to 5pm
    (Note: the two places left for the Monday option are now only available to those travelling from outside Auckland)
  • B) Tuesday Option: Tuesday April 23, 2013, 9.00am to 5pm


AUT University, North Shore Campus, 90 Akoranga Drive, Northcote, Room AJ100 (enter gate 2, and park in car park 7)

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NZAP Post Conference Workshop Committee 2013. With the support of AUT University.


$200.00 – Lunch, morning, and afternoon tea provided. (Student rate $160.00)

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