Pre-Conference Workshop – Conversations on bicultural supervision

Pre-Conference Workshop – Conversations on bicultural supervision.
Hosted by Te Tiriti and Bicultural Advisory Committee of NZAP and with the participation of Waka Oranga

Every year we host a pre-conference workshop, usually on themes to do with being Pakeha and Tau Iwi (non-New Zealand born) psychotherapists. This year, we are attempting something different, and unique – conversations on bicultural supervision, within and between Maori, Pakeha and Tau Iwi elders and practitioners.

There will be three conversations. The first will involve Te Ku, a Tuhoe tohunga in conversation with Matewawe Pouwhare, a Maori therapist, within a circle of Maori practitioners, and will be observed by Pakeha and Tau Iwi. The second will be a conversation between Burke Hunter and Eileen Birch, two senior Pakeha/Tau Iwi psychotherapists within a circle of other Pakeha/Tau Iwi psychotherapists, and will be observed by Maori. The third will be a whole group discussion.

We believe this will be an important event in the life of the Association, and a wonderful way of warming up to the kaupapa of the conference.

Times: Thurs 9th February, 9.30 am – 3.30 pm
Cost: $65, includes lunch and morning tea
Venue: to be advised