Presenters and Facilitators

The following presenters and facilitators have been confirmed:

Michael Apathy, Margaret Bowater, Grant Dillon, Bill Farrell, Mary Farrell, Amanda Garland, Angelika Golz (UK), Josie Goulding, Alladin Jones, Hinewirangi Kohu-Morgan, Brenda Levien, Kyle MacDonald, Gabriela Mercado, Joy Ryan-Bloore, Rod Sandle, Margot Solomon, Catherine Spence, Sarah Tait-Jameson, Mark Thorpe, and Servaas Van Beekum (Australia)


When the ground becomes the figure: Trauma, resilience, loss and creativity in the face of destruction
by Brenda Levien

Stranger in paradise: The problems of the mixed race marriage
by Mary Farrell

How we’re getting out of this: Reworking the therapeutic frame to apply psychotherapy to environmental crisis, and the environment to personal crisis
by Michael Apathy

The morning after: Intertwining sex therapy and psychotherapy in working with sexual dysfunction
by Gabriela Mercado

Giving and Receiving: The giving and receiving of gifts in the long-term psychodynamic treatment of historical sexual abuse
by Kyle MacDonald

by Angelika Golz (UK)


Figure and ground: Song and context in Western culture
by Grant Dillon

Foregrounding the social unconscious: Making the ground figure
by Bill Farrell

by Margot Solomon

Art psychotherapy: The foreground, the background, current practice and future directions
with Amanda Garland & Catherine Spence

The heart-Song of Hakomi: Compassionate mindfulness as ground
with Sarah Tait-Jameson & Alladin Jones

TED Talks

(i.e. 18 minute talks, followed by a brief, 5 minute question and answer session)
1. Negative Capacity
by Mark Thorpe
2. Bumps or Battles
by Josie Goulding
3. The Sexual Etiology of Violence
by Rod Sandle