Trudy Mackay

Trudy Mackay was a psychotherapist for children, adolescents and adults. She had a huge passion and integrity for being a psychotherapist, as a clinician, supervisor, mentor, trainer, council member, conference organiser, and colleague.

Trudy was an active member of our Association for over a decade as a member and a supervisor. She served two terms on Council, holding the portfolio of Public Issues, and played a significant role in raising the profile of Public Issues, including bringing communication into the computer age by establishing the e-mail linking.

She was committed to keeping “the voice of the child” to the fore. In the Nelson region Trudy was significant in establishing good practice amongst Child and Adolescent psychotherapists and counsellors of Nelson/Marlborough. She was the key instigator of setting up a Child/Adolescent Therapist Peer Support and Training Group. Her commitment to bi-culturalism included the development of a model sensitive to the needs of Maori children. An aspect of her creativity was shown in her work developing a garden that was an integral part of her therapy with children. She had a strong commitment to using psychotherapeutic skills in the community.

She served on the Board of Trustees of Nelson College and through her input in mentoring and supervising she helped to influence a new direction in the culture of the College. She was dedicated to life long learning that benefited her own practice and that of her colleagues. Trudy had her own unique ability to incorporate a spiritual awareness as part of her practice. We miss her and honour her legacy to the Association.

For Trudy

Too soon
the candle gutters
and dies
as harsh winter winds
sweep the skies
of early summer.
Promise extinguished
but not the spirit —
larger than life and enduring
casting its shadow
on all who walked with you
and now walk alone.

For grief
has many faces
each our own looking out
from the mirror
to strike
at the very core of being.
We mourn for you
singly and together
cheated of your presence
vitality enthusiasm
and wish you

Karen Zelas