Who is responsible for the content and sections of the website

Section Content Editing
Online Communication Committee Online Communication Committee: Chair: Burke Hunter Kyle MacDonald
Online eMail Groups The respective committees Walter is the overall manager of these groups. Simon can create new groups and edits the View page. Each group has an administrator in the mailman system.
Professional Development & Supervision

Professional Development & Supervision – Chair: Sandra Turner Walter
Public Issues Public Issues Committee Seān
Workshops and Links Workshop Providers Graldine (temporary – assisted by Walter )
ACP / Admissions. ACP/Admissions Committee Chair: Diane Zwimpfer John
Council This is to be clarified. There is a section called About for the public and a section called Handbook And also content pages that constantly need updating like AGM reports etc. The Secretary? John
Te Tiriti Burke
Waka Oranga Waka Oranga Burke
Ethic and Professional Practice