IAAN Conference of Applied Neuroscience

Posted on July 18, 2023

In Person and Virtual Registrations

Thursday 7th to Saturday 9th September 2023

Twin Towns Conference & Function Centre Wharf Street, Tweed Heads NSW

Register at www.iaan.com.au/events

  • 12 speakers, covering a wide range of applied neuroscience topics
  • 3 conference streams (Psychotherapy, Organisational and Educational)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Peer-to-peer networking and forum
  • IAAN Annual General Meeting & Social Event
  • 21 Continuing Professional Development Points

Conference Keynote Speakers

Prof Nicholas Talley

Gastroenterologist, epidemiologist, researcher, University and clinical educator (Australia)

Dr Sarah McKay

Neuroscientist (Australia)

Prof Ralph Martins

Neurobiology- Biomedical Sciences (Australia)

7th September – Pre-Conference Full Day Workshop – Prof Nicholas Talley “Artificial Intelligence devices and your gut health”

8th – 9th September – 3 Keynotes and 90-minute Workshops featuring:

Prof Nicholas Talley – Diagnosis and non-prescription drug management of the irritable bowel syndrome: diets, alternative therapies, and psychological therapies (the what and the how).
Dr Sarah Mackay (Aus) – All In Her Head? Lessons learned writing two books on the female brain.
Prof Ralph Martins – Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

Jean Annan (NZ) – 7 Dimensions of Children’s Emotional Well-being: Focused support for young people.
Mark Grant (Aus) – Clinical applications of Neuroscience of dissociation.
Peter Janetzki (Aus) – The Relational Brain: Assisting Couples to Change Their Default Mode Networks for Better Outcomes.
Olivia Lesslar (Aus) – Beyond the Five Senses: The Remarkable Role of Transient Receptor Potentials as a Threat Detection Network.
Louise MacKenzie (NZ) – Alternative Treatments in the Mental Health Context from a Neuroscience lens: Psychedelics, Cannabis and Essential Oils.
Dr Dawn Macintyre (PhD) and Jan Sky (Aus) – The Interplay between Neuroscience and Chronic Pain – a personal journey.
Delia McCabe – PhD (USA) – The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health: How to Action the Growing Body of Evidence Joseph Riordan (Aus) – Secure Phylogenetic Attachment and Interpersonal Neurosynchronistic Phylogenesis: Converging Constructs in the Neuroscience and Treatment of Trauma and Community Psychopathology.
Jeremy Samson (Aus) – Neuropsychotherapy & High Functioning Autism/ Asperger’s Syndrome.

The IAAN is proudly a not-for-profit organization – Sponsorship is welcome for our 2023 conference.

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