We invite your offer of a paper or workshop for Ka mua, ka muri. Our vision fixed on history, learning from those who have gone before us as we forge new paths.

We are seeking these kinds of presentations:

  • the concept and experience of time in psychotherapy, the 50 minute hour, or the passing of time as experienced in transference and counter-transference, in relation to developments in character, pathology and maturation;
  • developments in psychotherapy in Aotearoa through time, including reflections on events, persons, modalities and groups that have contributed to the development of psychotherapy here and their influence on your clinical work and practice today;
  • reflections on time, in your experience of working as a psychotherapist or receiving psychotherapy in different periods of your life;
  • the future of psychotherapy in Aotearoa, research, new forms of treatment, adaptations to new trends and policies, and political, social and economic changes ahead of us.

Papers may be clinical, psychological, personal, scientific or philosophical. Proposals from Te Ao Māori and Mātauranga Māori on time and the difficulties that arise from different world views of the experience of and role of time are welcome.

Presenters need to be willing to present online in the case of a lockdown prior to the conference and also to provide their paper for publication in Ata.

Abstracts must be less than 300 words, include a brief biography and be submitted to by 10 December 2021. Papers will be selected by the organising committee and presenters notified by 7 January 2022.