Referral of Patients with Personality Disorders to ANZAP Psychotherapy Trainees

Posted on March 6, 2024

The Australia and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapy Ltd conducts a three-year course in intensive psychodynamic psychotherapy (the “Conversational Model”) and trains up to 50 candidates annually from both Australia and New Zealand. The focus of our students’ clinical training is to provide a long-term weekly psychotherapy for two suitable patients for whom they will be supervised both in groups and individually.

ANZAP offers assistance to all students in finding training cases. We often receive referrals from members of the medical profession and psychiatric services and would like to invite you to consider referring patients to us who would otherwise not receive adequate psychotherapy to meet their needs. Our aim is to provide a service to these people, and a referral base to our training candidates. Our trainees are generally tertiary educated psychotherapists or practitioners in related fields with varying experience, who work in indemnified private practice and will charge patients a fee that is negotiable and affordable.

There is evidence for the Conversational Model for treatment of borderline personality disorder and deliberate self-harm and chronic suicidality in a waiting list control trial (Stevenson and Meares, 1992) including a five-year follow-up (Stevenson and Meares, 1998), and a randomised clinical trial (Walton et al, ANZJP 2020). A brief treatment version of the Conversational Model (“Psychodynamic Interpersonal Therapy”) has RCT evidence for treating depression (Shapiro et al studies in 1980’s), somatisation and deliberate self-harm (Guthrie et al studies in 1990’s and 2000’s).

Further information on our training, including a course outline, is available on our website under the Training tab.

If you wish to discuss this further with me, I would be happy to contact you. Otherwise, all referrals could be directed to Anne Malecki who manages the ANZAP Office, at the number or email address below.

Dr Nick Bendit
Director of Training – ANZAP
Staff Specialist Psychiatrist Hunter New England Health and conjoint lecturer University of Newcastle

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