Gordon Hewitt

This award is conferred upon Gordon Hewitt for services co NZAP and to psychotherapy in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Gordon has been an active member of the New Zealand psychotherapy community for many years as a practitioner, trainer, supervisor and teacher.

He has been a participant in NZAP activities throughout his 20 year membership and a member of the Wellington Supervisors’ Group since soon after its inception. Gordon was a member of the Admission Committee for some years and subsequently Chair of the Committee, bringing to it his experience as Vice-President of Training and Certification for the International Transactional Analysis Association. He worked with other members of the Committee to ensure that predictable, competency-based assessment procedures were developed and that admission processes flowed smoothly. National consistency in standards of marking, transparency of processes and fairness in admission procedures were goals he aspired to.

As the Head of the School of Health Sciences of the CIT, Gordon introduced psychotherapy and counselling training and revised drug and alcohol counselling training. He also introduced short courses in clinical supervision which were caught throughout the country. Gordon is currenty President of the ITAA. In chis capacity, he is also an ambassador for New Zealand in world psychotherapy.