Grant Dillon

It is with considerable pride and pleasure that the NZAP Northern Region of NZAP nominates Grant Dillon for a Distinguished Service Award. Grant has been a consistent and longstanding servant of the Association and his contribution to NZAP has been vital and will endure for many years to come.

Grant has given generously of his time and energy to NZAP at both regional and national levels. Grant has served as a branch co-convenor and has worked on two Conference organising committees. He has presented a variety of interesting papers at Conference and contributed to several psychotherapy books and journals.

Grant has always been a strong voice in support of biculturalism. He co-founded Nga Ao E Rua, a national bicultural interest and action group that continues more than 10 years later. After serving on the Te Tiriti and Bicultural Committee, Grant became the Chair of this Committee. Grant has always led by example, devoting time and effort to developing proficiency in Te Reo and Tikanga Mãori. He is well versed in the subtle operations of power and privilege and the insidious effects of colonisation. He has written eloquent submissions on the place of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and actively advocated for the inclusion of Te Tiriti in NZAP and PBANZ. Grant has been tireless in his support of Waka Oranga and he remains a passionate advocate for building relationships with Tangata Whenua.

Grant joined Council where he continued his Te Tiriti work and also held the provisional members’ portfolio before becoming President in 2012 and 2013. Grant’s leadership was instrumental in a challenging time in the life of the Association. Here he showed grace under pressure. Grant unfailingly displayed considerable dignity and a high standard of personal and ethical integrity. He distinguished himself as a calm and balanced President, able to hold the big picture and consider all sides of many issues. He advised across a range of complex situations and contentious issues. He worked hard to bridge the gaps between people and found creative ways of reconciling differences and building connection. He has also been an effective ambassador of psychotherapy to other organisations, earning affection and respect in the collegial contexts where good consultation skills are both necessary and desirable.

Grant, we salute you for your time and effort. We are tremendously grateful to you for your heart, your passion and your wisdom, all of which you have shared so generously with so many of us in NZAP.