Jenny Rockel

Jenny Rockel is honoured for her contribution to the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists, and, in particular, for her work as Editor of Forum.

Jenny has been a member of NZAP since 1997. She has an Honours degree in English and experience in editing as well as social work. She made an early and significant contribution to the field by co-authoring a book on adoption.

Her commitment to professional excellence led to her involvement in both training and supervision in the psychotherapeutic model of Self-Psychology.

Jenny has a great love of and facility for the English language. She is a also a lover of people and an experienced psychotherapist. These twin passions were drawn together in her work as Editor of Forum. Every publication bears witness to Jenny’s ability to honour the individual author’s work while shaping it in a way that ensures and enhances its accessibility to the reader.

Jenny’s unique capacity to enjoy and engage with people occurs at many different levels. It might be expressed in a shared meal in her immediate neighbourhood or in her involvement in a local community project or in giving generous editing assistance. She is warm and gracious in every circumstance and courageous in adversity.

Both in her life and work Jenny consistently demonstrates her faith in the human capacity to enter fully into life and to trust that this will enrich and heal the individual, the community, and ultimately, the world.