Joan Dallaway

This award is conferred upon Joan Dallaway for services to NZAP and to psychotherapy in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Joan has been a passionate ambassador for psychotherapy over many decades and has contributed to the recognition and high standards of practice of psychotherapists in Auckland and New Zealand. Joan has brought a breadth and depth of understanding of and involvement with many modalities, working in an integrative way. In her roles as a tutor, priest and supervisor, Joan has inspired many therapists-to-be with her love and care for people. She has demonstrated the importance of combining spirituality and psychotherapy. Ar one time, Joan was the National Executive Officer for Interchurch Chaplaincy and was also involved in clinical pastoral education. She was part of the human development team of Presbyterian Support Services and instrumental in setting up the internship program which was a significant training opportunity for psychotherapists who then went on to become members of NZAP.

Joan later became a tutor HD&T. Over many years Joan was involved setting up the Lifeline training program. She also offered a ’Practicum of basic skills’ at Friendship House. In the late 1980’s Joan, with others, developed the psychotherapy training program at the Auckland Institute of Technology, which now is one of the main training programmes for psychotherapists in New Zealand. Many of her former trainees felt inspired to join the AIT programme. Joan visited training programmes in the United Kingdom, with benefits for the quality of training available in New Zealand.

During her rime as a tutor and reacher of psychotherapists, Joan has Promoted the NZAP as the professional home for psychotherapists with the result that many of her trainees are now either members and/or applicants of the NZAP. As a member of the Auckland Branch of NZAP ,Joan held the vision, the hope and the potential of the Branch during a rime when the Branch was almost non-existent.She was on the Council of NZAP as the Admission Convener in 1994. In that role she was instrumental in upholding high standards of psychotherapeutic practice.

Joan Dallaway has for many years been inspirational to senior psychotherapists well as trainees. She has been able to pass on her passion for our Profession and has helped many young therapists to grow as persons and as professionals. Joan deserves our gratitude and acknowledgment.