Louise de Lambert

This award is conferred upon Louise de Lambert for services to the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists. Late in the 1985, Louise accepted the task of re-establishing the Auckland Branch after it had been in recession. This was a challenging task and one which Louise’s unique personal attributes enabled her to accomplish. As facilitator, she was welcoming and nurturing, yet she was organised and efficient, with a vision for the redevelopment of an enthusiastic group which would further the interests of psychotherapists and psychotherapy in the region. Louise accepted responsibility for establishing the first Applicant Panel in Auckland and for developing the local process. A long-standing interest in training led Louise to a place on the Advisory Committee of the first AIT Psychotherapy Course.

She has been co-convenor of the Auckland Supervisors’ Group and on NZAP Council. As a member of the Admissions Committee, she cook an active role in formulating and documenting admission procedures and working to ensure fair and transparent processes, particularly with reference to marking of case studies. In Auckland, Louise has continued to be quietly active in many areas, good at making personal connections and encouraging people to be involved in the life of the Association. In all things Louise has been known for her diligence, attention to detail, high professional standards and commitment to the Association and to its goals in encouraging the competent practice of psychotherapy.