Marilyn Morgan

Marilyn Morgan is honoured for her contribution to NZAP and to Psychotherapy in New Zealand.

Marilyn has practiced psychotherapy in the Hawkes Bay for over twenty years. She has also provided supervision and training to many psychotherapists and colleagues in related fields during this time.

Her own training includes practice and training qualifications in Integrative Psychotherapy (Hakomi Method) and training in Process Work in Zurich. She recently completed the Masters of Health Science at Auckland University of Technology. When Marilyn acquires knowledge she then passes it on. She has a strong interest in both trauma recovery and neuroscience, and teaches these topics both nationally and internationally. She has an enviable talent for integrating multiple therapeutic models, evident in her many publications of training materials.

In 1995 Marilyn had a dream of starting psychotherapy training in the Hawkes Bay. She talked to colleagues and to the Dean of the Eastern Institute of Technology. A steering committee was set up and in 1996 the Diploma of Psychotherapy at EIT had its first students. More recently she initiated a cooperative venture between the Hakomi Institute in the USA and EIT. The first Hakomi Diploma started in 2000 and Marilyn is still involved with its administration and teaching. This achievement was an innovation for Hakomi training in that it was the first course within a tertiary training institute, and Marilyn had the task of developing the curriculum and having it NZQA approved.

Marilyn has also been a member of Council as well as serving on a sub-committee on training ethics and professional standards. She is a member of the Hawkes Bay Supervisors Group and is currently a member of the National Supervision Committee.

Through Marilyn’s passion for both psychotherapy and teaching she has been an inspiration to many budding psychotherapists in New Zealand. She embodies the essence of a psychotherapist in the way she lives her life, and she is held in high esteem by those privileged to know her.